POPUP Groups

POP-UP Groups 2018

What is a Pop-Up group?

A Pop-Up group is a short-term small-group that meets for about 12 weeks to try something new while exploring a fresh aspect of the Christian faith.  

Pop-Up groups are all about variety. Naturally, every Pop-Up group will involve the Bible, discussion and prayer in some way.

Some groups will do in-depth bible study, others will be based around a hobby or activity, like a book club or crafts or board games or sport of some kind.

Others might be about serving the church or the community in some way or just spending time together socially. There are loads of possibilities.

Pop-Up groups are also a great way to make new friends, to try something new, learn a new skill, get out in the community and to grow in your faith.

What happens when the Pop-Up group finishes?

Everyone takes a break for about a month and then signs up for another one, if they want to.

Pop-Up groups will generally break at Easter, Summer and Christmas.  These breaks come either at naturally busy times in the church - when lots is already happening - or during the holidays when people are away.

How do I join a Pop Up group? 

Take a look at the list of Pop-Up groups on offer in this leaflet.  Choose a group and tick the box of the Pop-Up group you'd like to join.  Put your contact details on the bottom and hand the form to Barbara Leppard who will arrange for the group leader to contact you.  Alternatively speak to the leader of the group you want to join.

If you would like to invite someone along who isn't a church member that's fine, but please ask the group leader first because some groups have limited spaces.

The Spring term's Pop Up Groups start in the week beginning 1st January 2018 through to 31st March 2018 (but check the start date with the group leader)

Details of groups to follow shortly.....       

Created by Ras Repete