FAQs - Baptism at Holy Trinity Weston

Q. I'd like to have my child baptised, can I book over the phone?

A. No. Planning your child's baptism involves a process of preparation.
    Bookings are taken at the end of the preparation process.

Q. What do I need to do to have my child baptised?
A. We ask parents to take part in a baptism preparation process before their child is baptised.

Q. What does the preparation for baptism involve?
A. It has two elements:
  1. Coming to church: we ask parents to join us in learning more about what it means to experience God's love and follow Jesus.
  2. Learning more: we ask parents to attend two preparation sessions which focus on the deeper meaning of baptism.
Q. Do I have to keep bringing my children to church?
A. Yes. At a child's baptism service, you will promise to help your child take their place within the life of the church.  Keeping this promise means coming to church regularly.

Q. Do you expect me to attend church every week?
A. Preferably yes, because baptism is for the children of practicing Christians.    The important thing is to develop a routine which works best for you and your family.  This might be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. But it should be regular.

Q. How long does the preparation process take?
A. It all depends on you! Some families come along to lots of activities and settle into church life quickly, while others take more time. You will need to choose the right level of involvement for your family - and we are happy to help you along the way.

Q. What do I do next?
A. Come to church and have a chat with the minister after the informal 10:30am Sunday service.   

Q. I need a copy of my baptism certificate.
A. Records are held in the church from July 1996, so please use the contact us link. Any earlier and you will need to approach the Southampton Archives. There is a cost to supply by ourselves and from the archives.
Created by Ras Repete