Members welcome

It is great to be part of the local church, here is your chance to sign up to our fellowship and have the opportunity of receiving emails about events and if you are inclined to join in with some of the rotas to help ease our workload then you will have an opportunity to help us.

There are others who like to take a more active role in the church activities and after a period of time may want to upgrade their membership to be on the church's electoral role and be involved in the planning and organisation which takes place.

This database is currently being put together, so all the functionality is not yet available.  To start with we need a list of people who want to be aware of, and potentially want to be involved in, the activities of the church.

If you are not already a member then please complete the Sign Up form, Don’t have an account? Sign Up!

Once you have Signed Up, you will then be asked to Sign In, this is the same for people who have already Signed Up and are now returning to view what is happening, or have received an email advising them of an event: follow this link: and login with your email and password.

You will now be taken to your personal dashboard, you are able to now Edit your details, add a photograph, see what rotas you can be part of, find details of other members, and set your personal security.

Created by Ras Repete